We turn your web leads to phone calls in under 60 seconds

*An MIT study found companies that call in under 60 seconds convert 394% more leads than the average response of 46 hrs 53 min.

Why Conversion Automator?

Impact of Speed to Call on Lead Conversion Rate

How call response time effects lead conversion graph

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1How do I get a 394% increase in my business?

MIT Research cited by Forbes found that companies have an average web lead to call response time of 47 hours. Companies that called back within one minute converted almost 4x more (394%) leads! Calling within 60 seconds is a must.

2Will Conversion Automator help me beat my competitors?

If your customer is 'shopping around', calling them within 60 seconds means they don't have a chance to look elsewhere. With Conversion Automator you get to the lead first and close the deal, instead of haggling based on price. Your quick response will stop price shopping dead in its tracks.

3How do clients react to such a quick callback?

50% of people contract with the company who responds first. When you respond within 60 seconds you're not only more likely to contact the lead, you're also more likely to close the sale. The client sees your quick response as a sign of your overall competence.

Our proven 4-step process leads to repeatable high conversions.

The entire process takes less than 60 seconds.

Web submitted form1

A contact form submission is received on your website

We call you2

Conversion Automator calls your salesperson

Touch the screen3

Salesperson answers and is told to press 1 to dial the lead

Salesperson and lead are conferenced together4

The salesperson and lead are conferenced together

Listen to the Conversion Automator in Action

These brief recordings are of actual calls completed using the Conversion Automator. You'll hear beeps where we've cut out some of the audio to protect the privacy of the business and customer, but we left in just enough for you to see how blown away your clients will be!


After installing the automator, we increased web sales by 7 vehicles in the first week. I can't imagine going back to our old system.

- Anthony Randle, Safeway Motors

The return on my investment for Conversion Automator is the best out of all of the services we use. Dollar for dollar, they are worth the cost, and I highly recommend them to anyone with a web form!

- Dana Kern, Countrywide Realty

Pricing for Conversion Automator

No Setup Fees • Cancel or Upgrade Anytime • Save 20% with Annual Plans



  • 5 Contact Forms
  • Unlimited Conversion Calls
  • Call Recording
  • Office Hours
  • Round Robin
  • Call Tracking Reports



  • 1 Contact Form
  • Unlimited Conversion Calls
  • Call Recording
  • Office Hours



  • 1 Contact Form
  • Unlimited Conversion Calls

Painless setup works with any web contact form or CRM
Easily add additional unlimited contact forms when you need them
Unlimited customer support to ensure maximum conversions
Current subscribers get new features at no additional cost

Our Guarantee: Try Conversion Automator for 30 days. If you aren't blown away by the increase in web leads you convert into customers, cancel within that 30 day period and we'll refund 200% of your money. Yes, you read that right... that's a Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

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